20.11.69 Village of Jaru

Jaru was once a modest fishing village outside of Enorian, though terrible events had left the town shrouded in darkness and plagued by lost spirits for many decades.

An organization known as the Kingbound made a pilgrimage to Jaru, cleansing the township of its curse and further working to repair the broken town to a functional condition.

Jaru was then settled by a group of Arqeshi refugees, looking to make a home. It now stands as a bustling village, sustained by fishing and rice farming and inhabited as the first Arqeshi settlement on Sapience. The waters of the Pachacacha are used to flood the entire area, creating an artificial marsh that is more comfortable for the lifestyle of the village's inhabitants, as well as allowing water paddy farming. The village is still growing, and its inhabitants could use some help from intrepid adventurers.