9.11.1 Fishing

Fishing is a Practical Skill

Inspired by the Gulleyes of Esterport, Aetolians everywhere may try their hands at the sport of fishing in the many watery patches of Sapience. While not every area of water is home to fish, most do have creatures living below the surface.

To begin fishing, one must purchase a fishing license for 100cr from 'Old Salt' Saaik of the Gulleyes in the city of Esterport (LEARN FISHING FROM SAAIK). Unlike traditional skills, Fishing is not learned with lessons -- one must simply learn by doing! Armed with a bamboo pole, newcomers to the sport are able to fish for smaller creatures in ocean shallows and muddy waters. With each successful catch, fishermen edge closer to the next rank in the skill. 

To reach the Skilled, Fabled, and Transcendent levels (and gain mastery of more capable fishing poles), fisherfolk will need to earn the respect of master Gulleyes by completing special quests. Continue to hand in your buckets and complete Saaik's catch of the day quests and you will be able to advance to higher ranks in the Gulleyes faction and increase your knowledge of fishing.

Fishing rods and buckets can be obtained from Angler Hagriphim in Esterport, at the end of the pier.

The mechanics of fishing are relatively simple. One may use the FISHING command to see all the possible commands. First, you must find a fishing hole. Look around bodies of water until you find a fishing hole and use FISHING DISCERN to get more information about it. Once you've CAST your line, you must carefully balance the tension of your fishing line and the stamina of the fish while trying to REEL it closer to you. REELing lessens the distance between you and the fish while tiring it out, but can increase the tension on the line quite a bit. Should the line pull too tight, it will snap, and your aquatic prize will burble away. To avoid straining the line while attempting to tire out your foe, you may LEAD it in the water.

When you've caught enough fish in your bucket, or would like to call it a day, return to the Gulleyes and give your bucket to Hob. Depending on the weight and number of fish you catch, he will compensate you well for your work!

Every catch is tracked with the Gulleyes' office, which meticulously maintains records for each fisherperson, each fishing hole, and global catches for each type of fish. You may discover that you are among the first to catch a particularly rare fish!