6.16.1 Farming

Farming is the ability to keep a field that can be utilized to grow crops, trees or keep animals. Outside of raw materials being able to be sent to a city for commodity production, the produce that is harvested or acquired on a field can be sold to various trades.

To learn the skill of Farming, find Ives, the Elder of Kald, and then type LEARN ABILITY OF FARMING FROM IVES. This will cost 10,000 gold sovereigns to do so.

------ CITY PLOTS -------------------------------------------

 Bloodloch   | Shamtota Hills   | v66678
 Enorian     | Village of Jaru  | v66430
 Spinesreach | Southern Tundra  | v66677
 Duiran      | Western Ithmia   | v66679
Your first plot of land on your city-centric maps is free. After you have received your first deed, enter the farmland that aligns with your city and CLAIM FARMLAND WITH DEED on fertile land. You may need to look around a bit for a good spot. From there, you can ENTER FARMPLOT after it has been claimed.

Multiple farms
You can purchase deeds to buy more farmland!

* You can BUY FARMLAND DEED while standing at the entrance of your city's farmland territory to purchase a new deed.
  + Deeds cost credits to buy at a scaling cost based on how many deeds/farms you already have.
  + First deed/farm is free (given to you when you acquire the skillset)
  + Second deed/farm costs 10cr
  + Third deed/farm costs 20cr
  + Fourth deed/farm costs 30cr
  + Fifth deed/farm costs 40cr
* These deeds can only be used on the farmland area you buy them at.
* FARM LIST to see a list of farms you own.

* You can FARM CLOSE while standing at the entrance of your farm plot to permanently close it.

* Farms will automatically close if you go inactive for 30 days or if you lose the Farming skillset.
   + Farms scheduled to close will do so in the winter.
   + When a farm is closed by any means, the owner will get a deed placed back in their inventory.
   + Deeds returned in such a way will always be bound to the same farmland area as the one they were originally purchased for.

* You can ARTIFACT <deed> TRADEIN to get rid of a deed at the usual 2/3rds tradein price.

------ MAP LEGEND -------------------------------------------
Following is a legend of the icons you can find on your field map:

@ - you                * - water sprite            l - calf
L - cow                c - chick                   C - chicken
s - lamb               S - sheep                   & - shed
+ - scarecrow          % - well                    # - grass
. - seeded / growing   = - trellis                 ^ - mature
- - tilled             ~ - soil                    ! - merchant

------ CARAVANS ---------------------------------------------

Caravans for farming will depart from the entry location of the farmland area and follow the shortest path to reach their destination city. Refer to HELP PRODUCTION for more information.

------ EVENTS -----------------------------------------------

Occasionally, there are little events that could happen on your farm that you will need to react to. Mostly they exist for atmosphere for now, however keep an eye out for a merchant that'll sell rare seeds!

------ GRAPHICS ---------------------------------------------

If you use Mudlet, we have a script package available for Farming that will turn the text map of your field into a display of cute pixel graphics. See HELP FARMING GRAPHICS for more information on how to obtain this.

A version of this graphics pack for Nexus is inbuilt in the client and can be toggled from the settings page!