22.12 Jewelcraft Materials

These are ingredient locations for those who are not part of the Crafters clan and are having a difficult time finding what they are looking for. These are gems/jewelcraft materials and their various locations. Some materials will be found in HELP METALS.

Aerie (v24703): skycrystal

Bloodloch (v21911): diamond, garnet, jasper, morganite crystal, onyx, opal, ruby, sanguinite, teradrite, diorite, dirtied claw of a bear, fiurite, mint-green haerphelle crystal, banded gitterstone, bar of iridescent katiaite, spinel of bold vivid pink, a faintly glowing 'fallen star' gem

City Commodity Shops: obsidian

Delve (v33843): ammolite, amethyst, driftwood, shell, moonstone, carapace, turquoise, coral, aquamarine, onyx, limestone, dirty boar's tooth, single syll's claw, vivid pounamu, abalone, azura skystone, zoisite stone, olivine crystal, kaladara stone, sphere of tiger iron, green nephrite, clouded cirrus stone, lemon crystal, nashka, painite, draekite, radara, yellow smithsonite, nuummite, larimar

Djeir (v33256): djerite, malachite, taerzseralla, violanthe, alexiate, rosite

Duiran (v44041): moss agate, amber (gemstone), ankyril, emerald, jade, jasper, morganite crystal, pyrite, tigers-eye, turquoise, a single wolf's claw, chunk of celestite, faceted orange andalusite, bold blue-green denizite crystal, rock full of geode crystals, multi-hued green jazara stone, rose-coloured rhononite stone

Enorian (v4262): cinnabar, diamond, emerald, lapis lazuli, onyx, peridot, quartz (rose), ruby, sapphire, topaz (blue), a pointed wolf's tooth, a piece of porcelain, a lump of chalk, round piece of carnelian, pink tourmaline, growth of mountain's teeth, cluster of celestriate crystals, dark teal chunk of beryl, orb of Kerrithrim's wrath

Esterport (v53382, ASK MERCHANT WARES - v1180, ASK SETHRIN WARES): hematite, marble, sandstone, brick, flint, clay, glass

Heylai (v58744): cinnabar, rose quartz, manganese, tungsten, bornite, shale, flint, marble, sandstone, hematite, silver, stone

Isle of Despair (v15164): crystal globe

Kentorakro: starstone (quest)

Mhojave Desert(wandering, ASK THA'LIRA WARES): dawncrystal, flamecrystal (red, blue, purple, green, black), fendar crystal, lakecrystal, ruststone crystal, sangithakt crystal, seacrystal, suncrystal, wintery icecrystal, thaliraza

Mrenadh (v14727): morganite crystal, peridot, ivory, a piece of porcelain, lump of chalk, a blunt bear's tooth, a finely carved horn, a sharp wolf's claw

Moghedu (v12646, v33221, v12648): brick, marble, stone, quartz (white), sandstone, hematite, clay, silver, flint, skysilver, shieldbark, nickel, lead, copper, bronze, pewter, zinc, tin, iron

Morgun Forest (v4758): amber (non-gemstone)

Oceans: pearls (found in oysters)

Peshwar Delta (Auresae): emberite

Saluria (v10118): diamond, emerald, ivory, a lion's claw, ezerite stone, cobalt

Siha Diyas (v49927): kyanite, chrysoberyl, ametrine

Siroccian Mountains: saevesangren stone (wolverines)

Skythrone (v60159): turquoise, limestone, staurolite, chatoyant, dravite, skyrivian, howlite, labradorite, acindium

Spinesreach (v13707): lace agate, diamond, emerald, jade, onyx, opal, sapphire, a jagged shark's tooth, a piece of porcelain, ankyril, a dirtied claw of a bear, a lump of chalk, soapstone, twilight's tears, tanzanite, citrine, azurite, mookaite stone, corundum crystal, blue topaz, lilac amethyst, driftwood, shell, moonstone, carapace, coral, aquamarine, onyx, boar's tooth, syll's claw

Vashnar Mountains (v2016): bloodstone

Xoral (v22280): dunerose, jade, ruby, topaz (gold), ivory, lion's claw, dirty boar's tooth, single syll's claw, jagged shark's tooth, unrefined jet, alabaster