22.1.2 Crafters Channel Rules

The crafters channel is for all those who have a crafting ability, such as woodcraft or tailoring. 

To gain access to the channel and associated projects, you need to JOIN CRAFT GUILD. 

Questions regarding projects, new and old, and the LOOKUP/Dictionary system should be directed to Becue.

There are rules to using this channel:

- The channel is for questions, not discussion. Questions are defined as where materials are, trying to find help files, etc. It is not for requesting that items be looked at or discussing a specific ruling/topic. If you need to ask a writing question, you can ask to speak with an experienced crafter privately on the channel - but please do not ask the question itself directly.

- The channel is not for chit-chat. Consider it to work like the market channel in terms of use it as you need to, not just for anything and everything.

- There is to be no cursing or arguing over the channel. If you have an issue at all, bring it to Becue.

- If your item gets rejected, do not bring it up over the channel. If you don't agree with the reasoning, escalate it to Becue. Like current rules, do not resubmit. If you determine who the rejecter(s) is/are, do not contact them at all.

- Becue has the final word in all things. If She delivers a decision, it is final without negotiation.

- All other Aetolia rules and policies apply as always.