9.6.6 Woodcraft

Those who can craft useful items from wood are highly sought after for some of the basic staples of adventuring life, as well as some more esoteric objects. Vials, pipes, coffins, and elixir pots are some of the items frequently requested of skilled woodcarvers. Wealthy and powerful individuals often commission specialized designs for their own use, preferring to sip their elixirs in style.

To become a professional woodcarver, you must be trained by the craft guild of a major city. Go to the craft guild office and BUY WOODCRAFT PERMIT. The craft guild assesses a fee of 100 credits for the permit, which does not expire. Once a licensed woodcarver, you will have basic ability in the Woodcraft miniskill. The more you train in this skill, the higher quality your products will be.

To create a generic woodcrafting design, you may go to your local woodcrafting office and use DESIGN <#> BUY. This will grant you your own copy of a base design, whereupon you can buy the components per the design to CRAFT <qty> <#>.

To create a customized design of your own making, you must learn to expert skill in woodcrafting. This process involves more work:

1) Purchase a blank design for 300 gold and DESIGN REQUEST. This must be done at your local craft office*.

*If you have purchased the crafting gnome artifact, it may be done anywhere (AP INFO 59).

2) At your local woodcrafting store, find the design likeness you wish to copy and DESIGN <new design> COPY <template design number>. In example, if you wished to design a pike, you would DESIGN 12345 COPY 797, the basic template for a pike. HELP WOODCRAFT REFERENCES can assist you in seeing the variety of available reference tags for your crafts. You may also view any of the designs for sale at a shop with DESIGN <design number> - this must be done while standing in the appropriate shop itself.

You can also make a copy based off a design you already have, rather than paying to use the design at the crafting office.

3) Customize your sketch to your liking:
    DESIGN <#> APPEARANCE <description>
    DESIGN <#> DROPPED <description>
    DESIGN <#> EXAMINED <description>
    DESIGN <#> ADD <qty> <components>

Entering DESIGN with no command will remind you of all design-related syntaxes.

4) Give your design a last look over - check for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, or missing additional components! HELP WOODCRAFT APPROVAL GUIDELINES is a good thing to double-check, along with HELP DESIGN GUIDELINES and HELP IMPORTANT CRAFTING RULINGS.

5) Submit your design at the appropriate trade office - DESIGN <#> SUBMIT. The crafting guild will review your design for errors and approve or reject it accordingly. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR DESIGN FROM THE QUEUE TO FIX IT IF REJECTED: simply edit the design using the above commands while it remains in the queue. The approvers will be notified that you have made changes to it and be able to approve it.

6) When your design has been approved, you will be notified - at which time you can go to the crafting office and DESIGN <#> PAY FEE in order to have access to your design.

Once you have attained Transcendent skill in woodcrafting, you will have the ability to make up to ten of your woodcraft designs permanent - this may be toggled with DESIGN <#> PERMANENCE <ON|OFF>.