9.7 Mini Skills

Miniskills are the same as skills in every respect except that they get 
listed separately when you type SKILLS, and they take far fewer lessons 
to master.

HELP <skillname> - Obtain general information about a skill.
AB <skillname> - List of the abilities under a specific skill. Most of the mini skills have no abilities and are passive skills.
AB <skillname> <ability> - Specific information about an ability.

      Antidotes      Resist the damage of venoms.
      Constitution   Strengthen your body against magics.
      Fitness        Exercise away your worries!
      Frost          Weather the harshest of cold conditions!
      Galvanism      Shrug off lightning like the pros!
      Horsemanship   Train a steed to be your loyal companion.
      Philosophy     Even a Troll can be wise with Philosophy!
         Psycombat      The true battle of wits; Psycombat.
      Thermology     Toughen your body against heat and fire.
      Refining       Manipulate ylem energies to your benefit.