9.7.9 Refining

Brought about by the knowledge of Delve, Refining is a crude method of manipulating ylem energy, particularly that which flows from an active leyline focus point. Through study of this technique, one may learn how to empower themselves with the residual energy that flows from an extraction, learning to detect subtle changes in the leylines and recognize the chaotic presence of primal eld. Those who are dedicated may even learn to divert raw ylem energy into magical fortifications, to protect themselves and their allies from assault. 

The process of extracting ylem will release residual energy into the air; you may use this energy to power many abilities within Refining, but be warned that this same energy will cause one to glow for a brief period afterward. This aura will notify other organizations of your extraction attempts, and will make you open to assault until the aura fades.