Originally developed by the Illuminai, a powerful religious order and guild of the Second Mortal Epoch, Illumination is the art of manipulating light and fire, and was rediscovered by Sahmie Rhashye following her Revelation. The skill is used by the Daru and the Luminaries, and it is closely intermarried with the philosophy of the Light and the prophecy of the Age of Dawn. The ideological goal of any practitioner of Illumination is to bring about Light in the world around them, and to bring themselves and others closer to it.

Practitioners of Illumination rely upon their own Inner Spark to fuel their evocations, and also upon a sacred flame. In days past, the Daru and the Luminaries each maintained their own flames, which they termed Sparks - in the present day, however, a Grand Flame burns atop the Temple in Enorian, and both guilds make a practice of meditating upon it to restore their own Inner Spark. Evocations take a number of forms - offensive, defensive, and restorative arts number among Illumination's applications.