9.6.1 Brewing

The skill of brewing is one that transforms ordinary ingredients into drinks of flavoursome variety; from the warm cup of kawhe during the winter nights, to the sweet wine of weddings and to mass produced rum for the rowdy soldiers.                                                 
If you wish to learn the trade of brewing, you must be trained by a crafting guild of any city. Once you are at the crafting office, you need to BUY BREWING PERMIT, which costs 100 credits. The permit does not expire. Initially, your skill in brewing will be limited, but the more you learn in this skill, the more ingredients you are able to add to your formula and the amount of sips that you will be able to make is also increased.

To create basic brews, AB BREWING BASICS covers the name of what you can make without the skill of customization. 

To create a custom brew, you must first learn to expert in brewing.

1) Request a blank brewing formula from a craft guild office with DESIGN BREW REQUEST and 300 gold. This must be done at any local craft office*.

*If you have purchased the crafting gnome artifact, it may be done anywhere (AP INFO 59).

2) Collect the ingredients you wish to mix, and add them into the formula with DESIGN <formula> ADD # <ingredient>.

To collect many different ingredients, you may use LOOKUP to source an ingredient or HELP COOKING MATERIALS for a list of locations and items. Neither of these lists are completely comprehensive, though they do make a fair attempt at being such. There is also a rather reserved list: HELP BREWING MATERIALS.

3) You can then customize the way your brew will be experienced by others:                                                            
    DESIGN <#> APPEARANCE <description>
    DESIGN <#> SHORT <description>
    DESIGN <#> SMELL <description>
    DESIGN <#> SIP <description>
    DESIGN <#> LASTSIP <description>
    DESIGN <#> EXAMINED <description>
    DESIGN <#> TASTE <description>
    DESIGN <#> ALCOHOL <level>
    DESIGN <#> ADD <qty> <component>

Entering DESIGN with no command will remind you of all design-related syntaxes.

Note: For the SIP and LASTSIP fields, you are describing after they do the action of drinking, so must complete the greyed out sentence (EG: DESIGN 12345 SIP . The water is cold on the tongue.) If you reference the container holding the liquid, use $(thing$). 

Consumers can LOOK AT FLUID IN <vessel> to see the examined.

4) Give your design a last look over - check for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, or missing additional components! HELP BREWING APPROVAL GUIDELINESS is a good thing to double-check, along with HELP DESIGN GUIDELINES and HELP IMPORTANT CRAFTING RULINGS.

5) Submit your design at the appropriate trade office - DESIGN <#> SUBMIT. The crafting guild will review your design for errors and approve or reject it accordingly. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR DESIGN FROM THE QUEUE TO FIX IT IF REJECTED: simply edit the design using the above commands while it remains in the queue. The approvers will be notified that you have made changes to it and be able to approve it.

6) When it has been approved, you will then be notified, at which time you may go to a local crafts office and DESIGN <#> PAY FEE to have access to your design.

To make a brew
1) Obtain a cooking pot. This may be either purchased from a local citizen, or requested of a Forger - AB FORGING COOKWARE.

2) With that you will be able to begin brewing once you've collected the ingredients involved in the recipe. The ingredients do not need to be put in the pot - merely having them in your inventory is acceptable.

3) BREW <amount> <design> [IN <pot>] - if at any time you forget the syntax, you may type BREW for a reminder.

If the design has an alcohol content, it will need to be distilled with the following steps:
    a) Purchase a still from your local cooking implements store - this can be found near the cooking designs store.
    c) DROP STILL, then FIRE STILL. At this stage, a series of things will happen until the still concludes its work.
    d) You may then transfer the newly alcoholic liquid back to your pour with FILL POT# FROM STILL. From here, you may disperse your liquid as desired to whatever containers using the POUR or FILL commands listed below.

If the design does not include alcohol, you will receive a message indicating that there is nothing that needs to be distilled. You may skip straight to POUR POT# INTO <vessel> to offer up your brew to whomever. Should you forget, you may enter POUR with no further information to be reminded of the proper syntax. For filling kegs with your created brew, you may enter FILL KEG# WITH POT#.