17.3.4 Praexi

Originating in the mist-shrouded forests of the Cloud Peaks, the Praexi are winged, implike sapients with nimble fingers and sharp teeth. Their once-noble civilization was devastated by the violent and genocidal wars of the Dreikathi. Lacking anything resembling a military force, the Praexi were driven back into Cloud Peaks as the armies of Drakkenmont burned and salted the Golban and Ursal lands. Hiding in their mist-shrouded aeries and mountain temples, the Praexi survived the worst of the wars relatively unscathed, but with their power as a nation forever broken.

Shunned and distrusted by many of the people of Albedos in the modern age, the Praexi move throughout the mountains and forests of the continent in nomadic groups or dwell in the slums and dives of cities, making and selling intricate mechanisms or Praexi cuisine to the curious or unwary. Unfortunately for both the Praexi and their customers, their unsavoury reputation is not completely unwarranted in the current age, and many make a good living as thieves and cutpurses.