17.3.6 Ursal

Born out of the frigid expanse of northern Albedos, the Ursal are an aged race of bear-men that flourished upon the tundra and northern seas. In their tribal clans led by the matriarchal battlemothers, the Ursal worship deities of the sky, earth, and sea with shamanic prowess. It is said that only one free outpost remains of the Ursal, while the others have fallen and been covered in the deep snows. As expert hunters and trackers, the Ursal have been treasured for their use as scouts in the Dreikathi army, but they are much more suited for northern climes that the Dreikathi long ago abandoned. With the fall of their homeland, the clans have largely dispersed, leaving only a scant few in the entirety of Albedos.

Ursal mercenaries are a common sight in the southern reaches and have left their families and clans in hopes of a taking up a new banner and earning coin. They are commonly hiring out their muscle and tracking skills to the highest bidder, especially in the cities of Delve. Forsaking their names and ideals of the ancient clans, they take upon their mercenary's band name such as Ironclaw, Bloodeye, or Frostfang.