17.3.7 Utari

Sea-faring folk from the far eastern shores of Albedos, the Utari once dwelt on the warm coastline and drifted to the south over many centuries in their catamarans and masulas. It is said that the Utari were once a vast people, with hundreds of tribes in the far out islands till they came to Albedos in ages long past. Then, tribe turned against tribe when they saw the dark shoreline and made landfall, forgot the gods that dwelt in the depths, and the nation became few and the nameless gods of sea and storm devoured for their hubris in a great tidal wave.

Now, some fifty tribes remain on the eastern and southern shores, keeping to the old ways, while yet more tread inland to the jungles and river basins. Of the few remaining traditions, the Utari tattoo their entire body to represent their very heritage and achievements in battle.