17.3.3 Golba

Hailing from the vast mountains that span Albedos, the Golban peoples once numbered in the hundreds of thousands until the Dreikathi turned their gaze upon them. Masters of clay and stone, the Golban people had constructed vast cities beneath the mountains and dwelt within in lingering solitude, having little desire to look upon the skies nor deal with the other races whom they saw as petty. The Dreikathi brought their forces to bear on the Golbans when they would not kneel, capturing their leaders, and decapitated all of them in the sight of the disparate clans. A genocidal purge began of the Golbans, leaving only a scant thousand left across the world.

The Golbans are almost human in appearance, having stone-coloured skin and, as they age, stone clasts that spread along their backs, arms, and head. The clasts grow in size and immensity as the Golban ages, eventually weighting the Golban down till it falls into a deep slumber and becomes one with the earth. These elders are highly revered and Mount Helba is a last refuge for these people.