11.3.1 Arion, the Truthseeker

Once the God of Valour, Arion was weakened during a fight with the      
Kerrithrim and was defeated to such a state that even His essence was   
nearly consumed. Weakened to such a degree, it was only after the       
essence of the Lord of Truth had finally escaped from the Plane of      
Shadow and fused with Arion that He recovered His strength. With the    
accumulated strength of both deities, Lord Arion was able to return to  
the material world.                                                     

With the revelations that Lanos had received in His isolation in the    
realm of Shadows, Arion's core tenets had now shifted their focus from 
Valour to the search for Truth, for much of the world has been distorted
by the vices of Corruption and the subtle manipulations of Artifice.

Unfortunately, in His aim, He fell victim to that same Corruption, such 
that He became a God of Shadow, possessed by the wiles of the Shadow 
Mother. So it was that the God of Valour and Truth finally perished.    

An arrow will only fly straight, though if it is marred with            
imperfections in its build, will not strike true. It is thus that if one
is distracted by unnecessary ideals and emotions, one will only fail to 
achieve his ultimate goal.                                              

Twin swords - one the golden Blade of Valour and the other the     
fiery Sword of Truth, poised upright towards the air in parallel - were 
the Truthseeker's symbol.