19.11 Player Builders

Players who wish to help with the development of Aetolia or (ultimately) bring
areas of their own design into the world may apply to become a mortal builder.
Mortal builders are not divine, but have earned an Orb of Creation.

Building is not something done on a lark. It is hard work, and we do not allow
poor-quality material to go into Aetolia. Furthermore, it does take quite a bit
of administrative time, as we have to approve every single thing that you do.
Therefore, before an Orb may be gained, a significant show of work on your own
will be required to prove that you are serious about building.

There are some cardinal rules that all mortal builders must adhere to.
Disregarding these rules will cost a builder his or her orb and the ability to be a mortal builder again.

1. You must not reveal information about areas, single rooms, mobiles, quests, or items that you have created or helped to create. Releasing such information will result in a revocation of all building abilities.

2. You should maintain a reasonable rate of creation when you are assigned to a project.

3. You must keep the mortal building head appraised of your progress. It is your responsibility to ask questions, make comments, and turn in work. You are not to wait for the head to approach, ask, or request it of you.

4. If you are dormant without reason for more than one month (thirty days) your mortal building privileges may be revoked.

5. Being a mortal builder is a privilege, but it is also considered out-of-character. Any flaunting of that fact or revealing one's orb of creation to other mortals is expressly forbidden.

To apply to be a mortal builder, please send 5 sample room descriptions of whatever sort you choose to builders@aetolia.com. Please make them varied, to
illustrate the range of your ability. The rooms must have been written by you
(obviously). They must be entirely error free. If you can't manage to get 5
rooms flawless, then 50 or 100 is beyond your grasp. Make sure you let us know
who your character is.