10.4.9 Cardinal

A cardinal is the religious leader of a city. Appointed by the city's patron,
the cardinal has several responsibilities dealing with the spiritual well-
being of citizens. Not only can a cardinal bestow the boon of the city's 
patron upon all citizens, but a cardinal may also bless a city's troops before 
battle or perform a marriage ceremony. City-favors may also be handed down by 
a city's cardinal. 
Cities are forewarned that while a cardinal may use the patron's essence to 
bless and boon, a cardinal can also hex all citizens and city-disfavor for 
behavior unbecoming of a God's patronage.

The commands associated with the cardinal are as follows:

CITY SHRINESIGHT             : See where shrines to the city's patron is
                               located. The cardinal may only view those
                               shrines that are within the city proper.

CITY BLESS <division>        : Bring down the grace of the city patron on
                               a division of troops loyal to the city. The
                               blessing will last until the troops have
                               either slain a foe, or been slain. Blessings
                               can only be given on ground that has been 
                               claimed by the city.

CITYHEX <city>               : With those two powerful commands, the city
 and                           cardinal may hex or boon the whole city and
CITYBOON <city>                all of its citizens.

UNIFY <person> WITH <person> : Bless a couple with the Rites of Unity.

CITYFAVOUR <person>          : Grant your city favour to a person.

CITYDISFAVOUR <person>       : Grant your city disfavour to a person.