15.10.1 Player Killing and Aegis

The Aegis based skills provide a unique PK problem, due to them being tied to a location and capable of acting at nearly any time, regardless of the maker's presence.

1) If you are online and any aegis you own is being actively attacked you are allowed to defend it DURING the attack.

2) Nobody but the owner has defensive rights on an aegis UNLESS that aegis is in a location owned by an organisation you are a member of, or a location that you personally own such as a shop, personal residence and so on. If you plant an aegis somewhere public that makes others want to destroy it, that is your responsibility and yours alone.

3) If your aegis is in a hotspot location, e.g. caravan routes, major hunting area, frequently used path, or Orrery area, you cannot take revenge for its destruction.

4) Anything else is open for revenge, such as a city, shop, personal residence, etc.

All of these rules are lesser than the greater PK rules and do not override them. So if it was (real life) weeks ago, move on. It needs to make narrative sense, and an aegis is not innately significant enough to merit RP-justification for combat outside of the above, nor is it important enough to plot revenge for (in game) years.