Hotspot Contention

A Hotspot Contention is one of the possible contention types for a Major Focus. The following message indicates a Hotspot Contention is beginning:
Reality wrenches open with a mighty tremor, and a single, bright burst of energy stabs skyward as a focal point opens. The mist emits scattered snaps as the energy which enlivens it is destabilized.

The hotspot contention creates a single lesser focus point in the area, and will contain more ylem than the typical lesser focus. The hotspot will periodically shift locations, and its ylem will leak away unless someone is actively extracting from it. Due to its shifting nature, the hotspot is unable to be detected with the LEYLINES ability and must be found by actively looking with the 'detection' defense.

The following message indicates the hotspot has shift locations:
A discharge of energy resounds powerfully through the mists, and reality heaves as the focal point shifts elsewhere.

And the following room description messages indicates there is a hotspot here, if you have the detection defense:
Streams of wavering light emit erratically from an unstable convergence of energy here

This contention will end after the hotspot focus has collapsed.