15.15 Underage Players

We require that players of Aetolia be at least 13 years of age. Beyond  
that simple rule, we only ask the following:                            

Aetolia is a game oriented towards mature players. We understand that   
immaturity is not a direct function of age either. However, it is a sad 
fact that 95% of our 'problem players' (generally those who do not have 
the emotional maturity necessary to follow the rules and act like a     
member of a community) are teenagers, particularly ones under 16 years  
of age. If you happen to be a younger teenage player, don't worry. You  
will not be discriminated against based on your age. In fact, many young
players have conducted themselves with admirable aplomb and have risen  
to prominent positions within Aetolia.                                  

No special treatment will be given to you if you cause problems. This is
a role-playing world, and real-life excuses for behavior are irrelevant 
to us. You will be deleted and will not be put back if you cross what we
view as a very easy line to avoid (given that 99% of players never cross
that line, it's obviously easy to avoid doing it).                      

Examples of behavior we have seen regularly from young players that have
caused them to be deleted would include persistently ignoring rules     
about inappropriate language, sexually harassing other players,         
constantly shouting about OOC things, or, and this is the most common,  
throwing a temper tantrum at Varian or one of the other Administrators. 
We work hard on Aetolia, and while we always appreciate input from the  
players, moaning and bitching annoy us, and if you persist after we've  
asked you to quit it, you risk crossing the line                        
into deletion territory.

So, in summary, regardless of your real-life age, we expect you to act  
like mature adults. If you are not capable of doing so, then please go  
somewhere else. Remember that it is very easy for us to just type the   
delete command, and ruin the hard work you have put into your character.