4.9.17 Xoran

The Xorani, as they are called in the plural, emerged from the east reaches of Sapience, bearing closest relation to the Drakt, Grook, and Kelki; a versatile and powerful people, they were the foremost warriors of the early southeast, and their unique and legendary ability to breathe fire likely informed the early Priests' philosophical inclinations toward light. The Xorani are bipedal and reptilian, and remarkably diverse in height, weight, aptitude, and coloration; all the colors of the rainbow and more are easily within a Xoran's purview. Today, the race can be found all across the continent.


Racial Skills:
  Level 1 : Cold-Blooded
  Level 25: Endurance Regeneration
  Level 50: Fire Breathing
  Level 75: Chameleon