9.8.6 Linguistics

One of the many talents one can acquire, Linguistics will let you study and analyze other languages so that you can master them.

To speak in your new language, simply SPEAK <language>. SPEAK by itself will list all languages you know, as well as your rank in that language.

Keep in mind, that while you can speak a language at any rank, you'll often make mistakes in your communication if you don't take the time to master it.

To write in another language, you can WRITE <thing> IN <language>. However, once again, while you can write in a language at any rank, there will often be words you do not yet understand how to write. As such, you'll automatically skip the writing of these words.

There are five ranks in Linguistics:

As you progress through the ranks, you'll find yourself able to understand more words. You will also gain knowledge faster through self-study.

To learn a language, you'll need to seek out the teacher for that language and then LEARN LANGUAGE OF <language> FROM <teacher>. To learn a language initially, it'll cost 30000 gold sovereigns. After that, you either pay for more lessons, or self-study by listening to other people speak that language and reading texts in that language.

Below is a list of all the language teachers:

Language       Teacher                            Location
Atavian        Veyla, a thin bookish Atavian      Aerie
Chiav          Llazuth, the Demon Spider Queen    Black Keep
Dwarf          Rognik, a young Dwarven librarian  Tainhelm
Djeri          Sarila, Imperial Librarian         Djeir
Esmari         Sir Vralin, Knight of the Beacon   Pash Valley
Fae            Gallynx, Queen of the Faeries      Vintal Glade
Goblin         Dudley, a Goblin mercenary         Huanazedha
Golban**       Bartek                             Helba
Grecht         Master Atokhases                   Siroccians
Grook          Oorangu, the Wise                  Eastern Ithmia
Harpy          Kru'lax, the Harpy                 Polyargos
Horkvali       Xizitioy, the Horkvali poet        Grand Aetolian Library
Jaziri         The Sheik, Niven                   El'Jazira
Imp            Trevvae, the flautist              Aureliana  
Kelki          Aeverie, a kelki scholar           Grand Aetolian Library
Mhun           Sekaan, the pole maker             Prelatorian Highway
Nazetu         Geltley, the freewoman             Mostyn
Ogre           Balam Agab, the ogre archmage      Grand Aetolian Library
Orc^           Ghuhr, a weathered Orc worker      Moghedu, Esterport (evenings)
Rajamala       Tlolteotl, Bard of Saluria         Saluria
Sylvan         an Elder Maple                     Morgun forest
Troll          Olam, a male troll librarian       Craneskull 
Tsinkin*       Orson, Remi, and Dunkirk           Tsinkin Municipality
Tsol'aa        Ta'hena, the Tsol'aa sage          Northern Ithmia
Xorani         Lesiv, the Torstonite chieftain    Torston

* - This language is not as easily learned, and may have special conditions to
    meet before you can learn it. It might not even be available!

**- This language has an increased cost to learn and is much harder to master.

^ - This language is also taught by Darxa, found in Enorian at the Broken Tower Tavern, v55803.