17.1.11 Tsinkin

"Keebthok daar gramma, tongarsooger!"
  - First recorded words of the Tsinkin people,
    spoken to the explorer Windchaser

The origins of the Tsinkin race are not entirely known, and it's unlikely that anyone could bear one's company long enough to find out. With the sprightly, elfin appearance of the tsol'aa, the height of the imp, and the propensity toward facial hair and baby fat of the gnome, the tsinkin people are burgeoning bundles of aggression in two-foot-tall packages.

The Tsinkin favor cold environments, not because they are exceptionally hardened against the cold, but because few people can stand them; theirs is a culture that embraces greed, anarchy, selfishness, and hedonism, and very little among them is taboo. The most popular Tsinkin pasttime is swearing; the second is flatulence. Robbery and vandalism rate as a close third and fourth.

The more prudish races of Sapience (read: everyone else) tend to bore them, so they are reclusive at best, seemingly nonexistent at worst. A small population of Tsinkin live in a burg near Esterport, but these are outcasts, rejected by their people for their soft, kind-hearted ways, namely their reluctance to swear and tendency to wash their clothing.