4.9.1 Racial Skills

Racial skills are acquired automatically based on your race. You begin with one at level 1, and gain more at levels 25, 50, and 75. See HELP RACES for a full chart of the races and the skills they know.

Most of these skills are available to players once they reach level 100 and choose to become an Azudim, Idreth, or Yeleni. You can purchase them using your haven points. The syntax to do this is HAVENS CONVERT <x> TO SKILL POINTS. Once you do that, you can RACESKILL CHOICES to see available choices and then RACESKILL SELECT <skill> to purchase it.

To learn more about a racial ability, type RACIAL HELP <ability>.

Air Stability           Forest Regeneration  Nightsight
Alcohol Resistance      Fur Coat             Pacing
Blood Regeneration      Gripping             Revive
Blood Reserves          Grooming             Rock Crushing
Burrow                  Health Regeneration  Rock Harvesting
Chameleon               Heatsight            Satiation
Clicking                Hiding               Scavenge
Cold Blooded            Hover                Scent
Crashing                Ice Breathing        Secrets
Cunning                 Improved Forging     Tinkering
Dash                    Improved Harvesting  Trawling
Dig                     Improved Meditation  Tremor Sense
Endurance Regeneration  Improved Sleep       Underground Regeneration
Fast Swimming           Leap                 Underwater Breathing
Fire Breathing          Listen               Water Regeneration
Fire Retardant          Lunar Regeneration   Willpower Regeneration
Flight                  Mana Regeneration
Forage                  Natural Clotting

You can also type RACIAL SKILLS to see what you know.