4.9.5 Dwarf

The first Dwarves emerged from the Vashnar mountains in the southwest of the continent some Epochs ago, and began migrating northward and eastward during the rise of the Dark Empire. Formerly known as the Hlugna, they took the name Dwarf - originally a point of mockery - and galvanized it into a proper name for themselves. Favoring the mountains and highlands, the Dwarves are a small but close-knit people, though extensive clan divisions persist even into the present day. Many are divided between the Gods Dhar and Ivoln, the two once having formed a unified God whom the Dwarves revered. Those elements of culture which Dwarves share favor sophisticated arts and crafts, as well as an appreciation for home, hearth, and celebration. Dwarves closest resemble short, stocky Humans, with widely-varying hues of eye, skin, and hair that correspond to Human variation.


Racial Skills:
  Level 1 : Alcohol Resistance
  Level 25: Improved Forging
  Level 50: Endurance Regeneration
  Level 75: Rock Harvesting