6.12.3 Shop Shelving

Shelves are a method of sorting your goods by sections. They are also required in order to make use of shop policies.

SHOP SHELF <#> NAME <title>
SHOP SHELF <#> SWAP <shelf#>
SHOP SHELF <#> POLICY <policy#>

Create a Shelf
You may have up to 10 shelves within your shop. You can increase this further through artifacts if you so desire.

Put Things On Shelves
To place a product upon a shelf, simply add SHELF <#> to the end of any SHOP PRICE command. If you specify no shelf, then it is placed within the main shop visible to everyone.

Decorate Your Shelves
You have a limited number of shelves, currently 10, plus the general store, which is not exactly a shelf, but sort of. Things not in any other shelf are in the store.                                           

In order to name your shelves, do this:
  SHOP SHELF 2 NAME Great Swords!

If you don't give your shelves names, they'll have something quite unimaginative, such as SHELF 1 or SHELF 4. Yecch! Nobody will buy from you if you do this!

You can also choose the ALIGNMENT of the title when another player checks your WARES. You can choose from left, right, or simply in the middle.

Crafting Shelves
In order to place crafting designs within your shop, they must be placed upon a shelf. First you must mark the shelf as a CRAFTING shelf, at which point you'll be allowed to place 30 designs upon that shelf.

Designs consume commodities from the shop cache and the stockroom floor in order to craft the item when the design is purchased. If you do not have enough, then the customer will not be able to complete the purchase.

Note: You may place other items upon a crafting shelf if you desire.

Shelf Policy
You can apply multiple policies to a shelf. Each one will be checked against the customer, with refusal taking priority. If the customer is eligible for multiple discounts or premiums, then it will be calculated additively.

You will need to view HELP SHOP POLICY for more information on policies.