Onslaught Contention

An Onslaught Contention is one of the possible contention types for a Major Focus. The following message indicates an Onslaught Contention is beginning:
Reality itself rends open with an overpowering crash, and a susurration of advancing footfalls echoes distantly through the mist. Louder and louder as the seconds pass, it isn't long before the thundering sound of charging eld can be heard, making their way into the area.

During an Onslaught Contention, waves of eld will swarm the area, reminiscent of a Survivor event. Along with all the normal eld one might encounter, an Onslaught Contention will attract several rare types of eld that don't show up anywhere else. 

Each of these rare eld have special abilities that will make the contention difficult, such as the the ability to free shackled eld, and must be carefully dealt with. These rare eld are also immune to being shackled.

The Onslaught Contention will end after fifteen minutes, and all eld will disperse at that time.