Stalagmites Contention

A Stalagmites Contention is one of the possible contention types for a Major Focus. The following message indicates a Stalagmites Contention is beginning:
The earth begins to rumble and shake as the soil beneath you shifts between several hues of distinct, vivid colours. Sounds of cracking glass permeate the air as several tall stalagmites of crystalized ylem take formation, towering in the distance.

The stalagmites contention will form prisms of crystalized ylem across the area, where within each prism contains ylem that can be absorbed for your city. In order to obtain the ylem, you must attack the crystals and shatter them, however only one person may be within the location while attacking the crystal or everyone present will be flung from the room.

While attacking a prism of crystalized ylem, there is a chance eld will spawn and defend the crystal.

The prisms of crystalism ylem look like this:
a prism of crystalized ylem
Jutting from the charged ground is an enormous prism of crystalized ylem, glowing and humming with latent energy.

This contention will end after all the crystals are destroyed.