11.3.4 Khepri, the Seething Chaos

The Goddess Khepri has changed dramatically over the years. Starting out
as a childish prankster, she was scorned by most of the world for her   
immaturity. Eventually, she transformed into the more mature Trickster, 
whose goal was to establish Entropy, infusing disorder into stagnant,   
complacent environs, and introducing a measure of unpredictability into 
the cosmos through cunning, chaos and misdirection with the end goal of 

Long did She slumber, lost within the currents of Chaos. Slowly, over   
time, the Chaos changed Her and She embraced it fully. Choosing the time
to be right, She revealed Herself to the world once more as Khepri, the 
Seething Chaos.                                                         

She taught Her followers to also embrace the essence of Chaos, employing
the principles of Destruction and Indifference to wreck havoc upon the  
world. When another being surfaced from the depths of the ocean to the  
east, the Goddess' attention was caught.                                

Kerrithrim, the mighty beast was called, wrought havoc and destruction  
upon Sapience, terrorizing its inhabitants, both mortal and immortal    
alike. Boldly, the Seething Chaos stepped forth, acknowledging the      
origin of the creature as Her own. In believing Herself as the rightful 
owner, She also made Herself the object of Kerrithrim's anger when he   
realized that he was being duped.                                       

Taking Her up from where She stood, the Almighty Kerrithrim chomped down
on the Goddess and swallowed Her. There and then ended the existence of 
Khepri. As the creature turned away to sink back into his slumber,      
flickering nuggets of the Goddess' essence floated to the ground,       
curling itself away from mortal view.                                   

Remembering this, the Goddess of Corruption seized the lingering essence
and decided to use it for Her own ends, melding it into Her own being
through the use of the pool before Her temple. Thusly, from there,
Chakrasul ceased to exist - but gave birth to Ysmali, the Sanguine, formed
of the essences of both dead Deities. The fusion of both essences  proved
unstable, however, and not before long the Sanguine came undone, what
little that was left of Khepri returning as a grotesque monster, unable
to achieve godhood again.