11.3.9 Ysmali, the Sanguine

Born of the essence of two of the realms' oldest Goddesses, the Corrupter,
Chakrasul, and Khepri, the Trickster, Ysmali was a force of unknown
influence. She quickly became strong, and Her power was felt throughout
Sapience. Maintaining the tenets of Corruption on the one hand and Chaos
on the other, Hers was a treacherous and oft confusing path to walk. Yet,
those who once followed Her learned of despair, and reaped its rewards.
Taking the title of Sanguine, Ysmali claimed stewardship over the
Consanguine of Aetolia, shepherding their passage from mortality unto the
eternal embrace of the night.  
Soon, however, the essences that formed the Goddess became conflicted,
one trying to rise above the other and, in a desperate attempt at a cure,
Ysmali turned to Niuri, the Ultraist. The Lady of Mystery agreed to help,
and offered a tome containing pure knowledge to the Sanguine, hoping that
She would find the answer there. The raw knowledge, however, was far too
much for Ysmali's already weakened mind, and She fell apart, freeing the
two essences.