The Minister of Security in each city-state (see HELP SECURITY and HELP MINISTRIES) is responsible for setting bounties on the heads of city enemies. In order to see what bounties a city has set, go to the Constabulary in that city. There will be many sketchings of who is wanted, and how much the bounty is.

Keep in mind that the one placing a bounty on someone's head is responsible for providing a valid reason for doing so. If you could not normally claim PK on that player via the rules within HELP PK, then you shouldn't be setting the bounty. You also may not set a bounty for the same reason if it expires without anyone claiming it.

In order to claim a bounty, you must first register your intent to claim it with the constabulary. Once you have registered yourself, if you slay the target of the bounty outside of an arena or open pk area (such as foci), then you will be granted the right to make full claim of the bounty and earn your keep. Only a full death will suffice for a valid claim on the bounty.

Once the bounty is no longer valid, a message will be sent to all registrees and the target of the bounty that it has either been removed or claimed.

Note that when a bounty has been placed upon your head, the reason supplied by the setter will be made known to you. Thus, anyone who seeks to kill you will be doing so for this reason.

Related commands:

BOUNTIES                  : View all bounties that are set on your head.
BOUNTY LIST               : View all listed bounties at a constabulary.
BOUNTY INFO <person>      : Learn more information about a bounty.
BOUNTY REGISTER <person>  : Register your intent to make a claim.
BOUNTY CLAIM <person>     : Claim a bounty once the deed is done.

Commands for setting bounties:

BOUNTY SET <bounty> <amount> <reason>
 - Set a bounty on another player. Make sure your reason is valid per HELP PK, 
   you are responsible for making sure it is fair. This will expire after 30 real 
   life days.

BOUNTY RESTRICT <bounty> <organization> [CLEAR]
 - Restrict bounty registration to an organization. Multiple organizations can be 
   added, however a player only needs to be a member from one of them to 
   register. Add CLEAR to clear the list.

 - Remove the bounty on someone's head.