20.7.2 Conquered City of Ashtan

Ashtan, once known as the Merchant City of Sapience, is now no longer
the bustling and vibrant settlement it was sculpted to be. Settled
amidst the sprawling oceans, the city's three isles, the Isles of Tides,
Dusk and Trees have now fallen under the occupation of the Drakkenmont
Empire and further razed into smoking ruins by the various dragons of
old: the mighty Iraneth, Quoloth, Bazzalth, Naloth and Verioth.

Led to victory by Polemarch Andalso and Marzpawns Ishixan and Zorusthi,
the Dreikathian armies of Ursal swordsmen have stationed themselves
within their conquered city and have started setting up camp, proceeding
to the task of harvesting Ylem.

The Dreikathi Outpost, as it was known, was a buzzing military
encampment, the grounds tightly patrolled by guards and peppered with
newly set-up supply yards, barracks and watchstations on the Isles of
Dusk and Trees. Circling the Isle of Tides, however, was the
construction of a tall wall, each section in various stages of

The red and gold flag of the Drakkenmont Empire flew proudly above the
conquered city, a final but stark insult to the vanquished City of

However, after the raid by Tuiln, a member of the Ashtan Resistance     
Camp, the Dreikathi abandoned this Outpost after being overrun. As the  
Generals fled on an airship, they left their Outpost to sink into the   
ocean, preferring to have the waters lay claim to the land rather than  
having their technology left behind on Sapience.                        

There is little that remains of the city that once was, and the Outpost 
that once fought to reclaim it.