All plants can be harvested by Herbalists (HELP HERBALISM), with a subset open to any player with the appropriate tool. The number of plants you can harvest each month is affected by a several variables, including your skill rank, race, and various abilities.

*  All harvested plants come from the same global population, so you will 
   often find yourself needing to search for untouched patches of plants. 

*  Plants will regrow slowly over time, and the more plants there are 
   remaining in the room, the faster they'll regrow.

*  Harvesting requires a sickle, which is made by blacksmiths.

The following commands detail how to harvest:

   Displays the plants in the room, and how many of them are available
   for harvesting.

   Toggle whether plants are automatically displayed in the room description.

HARVEST [amount] <plant> [AND <plant> [AND <plant>...]]
HARVEST ALL <plant> [AND <plant> [AND <plant>...]]
   Requires a sickle.
   Harvest from a series of herbs in your current room. You can designate an
   amount of each or simply begin harvesting until there are none left or you
   decide to stop.

   You will harvest a portion of the specified herbs each time you regain
   balance.The more of the herb is remaining in the room, the more you'll
   harvest balance recovery. 

   Stop your harvesting prematurely.

   Display the ratio of harvested plants and remaining yield for the last 
   24 hours. Rolls over at the Howling (GMT Midnight)

   An herb may be planted in another room within 60 seconds of picking. 
   If it is planted in the wrong environment, it will quickly die.