79.1.3 the Royal Vaults of Glandor

The Royal Vaults of Glandor is a single player instanced dungeon located off the shores of the Dyisen-Ashtan Memoryscape, accessible via the ghostly ferryman at v71389.

Conjured into existence by Lexadhra, the Indelible, the Royal Vaults showcase a story from a time long before the Midnight Age, much like the similar memory of Oblivion's Portent. Awaiting within is an adventure of trials, puzzles, monstrous beasts and the Royal Guard that calls it home and the eventual final vault that contains the ultimate goal.

As adventurers make their way through the many ways that the Royal Vaults are kept safe, they will re-enact a story of revenge for a deal gone sour between two of the Elder Gods of Azhoa. It is said that there are extra rewards to be found for those adventurous enough to raid the many vaults found within, though they are merely an option compared to the journey that ends within the final vault.

This adventure also comes with a variety of information located in the GLANDOR command. From the story that leads up to the beginning of this daring raid, to the boons available and even information on the ways of Azhoan weaponmasters and some of the tactics that will most certainly be used against you. To ignore this information is as certain a folly as making a deal with She-Most-Replete.