Spirituality is an art centered around three primary components: the spiritual mace, the shield, and the guardian angel. The trained Luminary employs all three in order to enact the Light's will and fight for the Age of Dawn.

The mace is an ordinary mace, empowered by Spirit - it deals magical rather than mundane damage, and can be used to direct the Luminary's righteous powers in other, more sophisticated ways.

The shield is a complement to the mace, allowing the Luminary to cast several spells of Light. More mundanely, it can be used to deliver crushing, stunning blows.

The guardian angel is a creature of Spirit, and the Luminary's steadfast companion. It acts in a primarily defensive, supporting capacity, but is capable of terrible feats of violence. Additionally, angels maintain a strict antipathy toward beings of Chaos, and can sense their unnatural presences even at great distances.