In addition to his steel, fists, and command over souls torn from the Underhalls, a Carnifex will have access to skills to tame, train and lead his own hounds into battle. Far from a companion, these ruthless beasts are brought up under the rigors of combat, leaving them vicious and bloodthirsty. Although their masters are brutal, the hounds will fight to the death for their owners, providing useful backup and assistance to the Carnifex. 

A skilled master of Warhounds will be able to command three of the beasts in battle at once, with a possibility of twenty total (thirty if a guilded Carnifex). Hounds can be bred with each other to pass on specific traits and abilities in an attempt to create the 'perfect' hound of war.

Abilities with a * next to them do not require any special training by your hound to use.