Woodlore is a skill of the Sentinel class, focused on several things: physical protection and durability, hiding from sight, and gaining the aide of animals for combat. You can even signal messages to fellow rangers! 

You can review each of these things by looking at AB WOODLORE <SKILLNAME>. However, we do wish to provide useful information about your animal guardians.

 - The animals you summon may be ordered about with the commands in

 - If you leave Aetolia and do not come back quickly, they will disappear back
   into the forest.

 - You may call your already summoned animals to you with CALL ANIMALS. You may
   only have two out at a time when you are untrained, and up to four when you
   invest lessons in this skill.

 - Some animals can be mounted, depending on skillrank. AB WOODLORE MOUNT will
   explain this.

For full details on your animals, look over AB WOODLORE CALLING.