6.16 Agriculture

Agriculture is the generation of materials and commodities that fuel Aetolia's economy. This skillset consists of three (3) skills and any one individual may hold up to two (2) at any given time.

Agriculture skills work on a slot based system. Everyone begins with one slot, and the second slot can be obtained for a cost of 150,000 gold. The command to purchase your second slot is AGRICULTURE EXPAND CAPACITY.

Every skill is also dependent on city production in some way (HELP PRODUCTION) to encourage character and city interactions on an economical level. Both play an important role. As such, you MUST be a member of a city in order to learn an agriculture skill.
Although each skill is independent, they have been designed to work together. All of them will be required to keep the economy afloat. However, during the rollout process, there will be NPCs that provide the basic tools and materials you will need to get started.
Once all of the skills have been released, these NPCs will be removed and the only way to get the tools, items and materials you need will be from one another; the economy belongs to you.
 ------ AGRICULTURE ------------------------------------------
    Farming | Tend to a field. Grow crops. Care for animals.
    Mining  | Set up a mining operation. Extract ores.
    ???     | To be revealed!
------ FARMING ----------------------------------------------
Farming is the ability to keep a field that can be utilized to grow crops, trees or keep animals. Outside of raw materials being able to be sent to a city for commodity production, the produce that is harvested or acquired on a field can be sold to various trades.
------ MINING -----------------------------------------------
Mining is the ability to extract metal ores from the earth. It is centred around establishing and staffing your own mining operations and navigating the dangers of the under-deeps in order to harvest resources.
------ ??? --------------------------------------------------
And this?