6.8.2 Mentor Benefits

Below is a brief summary of the mechanical benefits given to both mentors and proteges. As a quick reminder, these benefits are offered as tools and incentives. Any abuse of the mentor/protege system will be addressed by the administration.

- Mentors will be able to see when their proteges arrive in the realm, and likewise proteges will see when their mentors arrive in the realm. CONFIG MENTORNOTICES ON/OFF to toggle this ability.

- Proteges may learn an extra 5 lessons from their mentor at a time, on top of their current limit.

- When a protege learns a particular skill from his or her mentor, the mentor receives double the teaching bonus towards that skill.
  (Note: Mentors may increase their effective skill rank above the Transcendent    
  level, but only by teaching their proteges while the mentor is themself 
  Transcendent in the skill. The benefit is some protection against Divine 
  disfavors affecting the skill in question, and will also give a minor benefit 
  to some skills that increase in efficacy at higher skillrank.)

- Mentors will receive 15% of the first three credit purchases of their proteges. Only a character's first mentor will receive this bonus, and the credits will be bound.

- Mentors and proteges, as well as their hunting party, will receive a 5% bonus to experience gained if the mentor and the protege are in the same Web and the same room while hunting.