17.1.2 Centaur

During the Resurgence in 365 MA, the ancient plane of Dendara was healed of its latent corruption by the sacrifice of Lleis, Goddess of Renewal. This act intersected the two planes, with essence of Dendara spreading out to the prime material plane in locations where its link was strongest - the Great Oak of Duiran, and the Vintal Glade.

Shortly afterward, these locations were flooded with the emergence of many fae creatures from Dendara - faun, wisps, and other spectral beings. Included among these immigrants were the impressive race of centaurs, who were not of fae origin but were mortal beings with humanoid lifespans and needs.

Servants of the Wild from Dendara, the centaur are a powerful, intelligent, and noble race of half-men, half-horse people, with only a fraction of their population venturing out to explore Sapience and sample its culture. Little is known of their homeland save for that it is described as among the oldest places of the world - the ancient, primordial forests.

With both speed and strength afforded to them by their equine lower halves, they make excellent soldiers, with many of their kind enlisting in the armies of the Heartwood. The centaur are rarely seen outside of the Ithmias, for despite being a bold and inquisitive race, they are still understandably wary of Sapience as a whole.

For all of their eagerness to explore the continent, they are notoriously private about their own culture and homeland. The centaur scholars are highly-regarded within their societies, and are often difficult to find on Sapience due to the protective nature of their warrior kin.