18.5.2 Bardic Contests

Note: Bardic winners can be seen by visiting the Grand Aetolian Library,
or in the Library section of our website at:

People of Aetolia! The Bardic council of the Fellowship of Iosyne do    
invite you all to share the power of your creativity and imagination    
throughout the land! To honor and acclaim the finest authors and        
scholars of the land, we have decided to encourage the art of the       
written word in the form of periodic contests. The winners of the       
competition will be ascribed rank within the bardic order of our        
Fellowship, as well as receiving a healthy reward of the currency known 
as Credits.                                                             

Those works that are selected as Bardic contest winners will not only   
earn credits and fame for their authors, but will also be moved to the  
shelves of the Grand Aetolian Library, becoming recognized documentation
of Aetolia's history.                                                   


To qualify for the contest, works must:

 - be ORIGINAL works. Plagiarism is not tolerated, and will be punished
   in the harshest manner.

 - be distinctly Aetolian, dealing with some recognizable Aetolian 
   person, place, era, event or theme.

 - in some way chronicle or illustrate some aspect of Aetolian history 
   or culture. While love poetry for your significant other is nice, 
   it's not the sort of thing the monks tend to stock on their shelves.

Broadly speaking, any written document that interestingly sheds light on
the world, its people, its institutions, or its history will be         
considered. That could include research reports, diaries of key Aetolian
figures, battle hymns, or even erotic Horkval poetry!                   

Judging is based on excellence of the writer's craft and aptitude with  
which Aetolian history or culture is captured by the text.              

The contest will be held periodically - roughly speaking, whenever an   
Announce post is made indicating that one is being held.                

Submitting an entry asserts that you were the original creator of the   
material and that there is no part of your submission that is           
copyrighted to anyone else. If you submit material that you didn't      
create yourself, you will be summarily shrubbed. ORIGINAL WORKS ONLY!   


There are 4 levels of success in the contest. Placing in a bardic       
brings with it the following rewards:

Winner        : 4 points and 200 credits
Runners up    : 2 points and 100 credits
Merit         : 1 point  and 50 credits
Participation : 0 points and 15 credits

In addition, the organization that hosted each winning text will receive
100, 50, or 25 credits respectively for each winner, runnerup, or merit 
award selected from its library's shelves.                              

All selected titles will be put on display in the Grand Aetolian        
Library, as well as in the Library section of our web site at           


Each time you reach increments of 4 points in the Bardic contest, you   
will gain a new rank in the bardic order, as well as some credits. That 
is in addition to the credits you get for being the winner, runner-up,  
or merit contestant (see above).                                        

There are 7 ranks. Your current rank is displayed in your HONORS. The   
rank titles are as follows:                                             

1 - Storyteller      - 100 credits
2 - Troubadour       - 200 credits
3 - Minstrel         - 300 credits
4 - Maestro          - 400 credits
5 - Laureate         - 500 credits
6 - Master Bard      - 600 credits
7 - High Bard        - 700 credits


All submitted works become the sole property of Aetolia LLC, with all   
copyright assigned to Aetolia LLC. The reason for this is that we wish  
to be eternally free to display winning works on our website. If you    
still have a problem with this, consider that the only works that will  
win are ones that have something to do with Aetolia, and you couldn't   
sell those anyway. We don't mind you also posting the texts on your     
website though.