11.2.7 Iosyne, the Malevolent

After the Muse's destruction and dismemberment at the hands of Her Sister Omei, the remaining elements of Her form were reclaimed by the shadowy forces of the Black Keep. Llazuth, the Demon Spider Queen, invested her demonic power into reviving the Goddess, offering Her the mortal shell of Lachesis and fealty of the Dark Empire itself. Reborn into the abyss beneath Azdun, the Goddess immediately found refuge and acceptance among the most reviled and feared creatures of the realm. Reshaped into something monstrous and terrible, Iosyne embraced Her new form and allies, calling Herself the Malevolent and pitting Herself against the realm of the living Her Sister loves so dearly.

With the theft of Her heart and Her eyes, the Goddess has in turn rejected the need for either; Her blindness tempers Her destructive rage, while Her heartlessness has stripped Her of compassion. Perhaps unsurprisingly, She favors the undead and the Chiav - both often reviled and condemned - and considers them to be perfect.

She discards the subtler tools of manipulation and politics, finding them unsatisfying to sate Her need for violence and carnage. Her followers - sadists and killers, bloodletters and warmongers - are as driven and obsessed as She in demonstrating their application of brutality and savagery. Her tenets are merely a framework of rules to operate within:

[1] Pain is life.
[2] All are equal at the end; nobody is inherently superior.
[3] Obtain power and shape the world with it.

Those who follow Her rules are oft rewarded with power and status - or perhaps most valuably, immunity from Her wrath. Her favored colors are red and black, for their association with blood, pain, and shadow. Centipedes, spiders, and scorpions often accompany Her in droves, as creatures of the underground where She was reborn. In Her violent wake is often found a mess of blood, gore, and offal, as She relishes in carnage and brutality.

Her symbol is a pair of crossed onyx fists.