18.2.7 Racetrack

Racetrack gambling! The only gambling you can pretend you worked out logically and you might be right.

In order to bet on the races in Aetolia, first you need to find a racetrack. If your city doesn't have one, scold them for not catering to your every whim! The racetrack is run by minipets, who are assisted by handlers. Factors that determine win percentages (which translate to odds!) include skill of the handler, the statistics of the minipet, state of the track, and even type of track.

Types of Tracks:
Dirt - The standard! Heavy Dex influence.
Grass - A little less Dex, a little more Str/Con/Int. It has slippery patches!
Stone - Strength and Dexterity keeps a pet ahead when the ground is unyielding.
Exotic - What is this even made of?! Intelligent pets will work out how to handle this.
Promo - Stats don't matter, a promo track is FAIR.

States of Tracks:
Dry - Pretty standard!
Wet - Dexterity malus, it's slick out there.
Mud - Even worse than wet, this is just gross.
Hot - Everyone could be tired.
Mst - Misty, all pets are slower and more reliant upon intelligence.

Tracks change state according to the track healthcare pattern: 
Dry: Can become Wet, Hot, Dry, or Mst.
Wet: Can become Wet, Mst, or Mud.
Mst: Can become Wet or Mud.
Mud: Becomes Dry.
Hot: Becomes Dry or Hot.
Each race the track will be cared for and change the state.


As to your money? Each racetrack has a pool of gold, much like an Arena. Every time you bet, that gold is taken by the track pool. If you lose, the pool KEEPS that gold. Winnings are taken from the pool. Culture Ministers and their aides may transfer into and out of the pool as they would an Arena. Your winnings will have subtracted a whole 10% for taxes. (we have to pay racetrack workers to constantly add water and dry up mud, after all)

The maximum bet is 50,000 gold. If a track does not have the ability to cover 2x the maximum bet on the longest of long shots, it will close until it is reopened by a Culture Minister.

Odds are shown in the format of X:1 or 1:X, in either case, the number to the right of the : is your bet. Winning also returns your bet to you. You'll notice you cannot see the odds before the race begins, this is because you must use your brains (and liberal application of RACETRACK SHOW <name>), not our odds maker!

For example, the case of 2:1 means "You will receive 2 gold for every 1 gold bet." So betting 1 gold here gets you 3.
Or, 1:2, "You will receive 1 gold for every 2 gold bet". A bet of 2 gold gets you 3.

NOTE: It is unlikely any odds will be this cut and dry. Expect odds like 1.7:1, or 22.3:1, etc.


Racers use a mix of Str, Dex, Con, and Int. Differing conditions listed above modify those stats, but that will not show with RACETRACK SHOW <name>, you must use your logic and the hints herein.

In addition to the above, there are also three states: Injured, Inspired, and Tired. All states further modify stats, in addition some make the pets more likely to have accidents on the track. And inspired pet is faster, and has no chance of a bad thing happening.

A pet will become tired after winning its previous race.
A pet may become tired as a result of bad luck during the race.
A pet may be injured by tripping or falling while racing.
A pet may be injured by another pet attacking it while racing.
A pet may become inspired after being in the back of the pack for too long.

All states have a chance to clear with each new race, but inspired will always clear after the race in which it happened.

Here is an overview of commands:

View the current racers available to bet on, their current handler, and their odds to Win (come 1st), Place (come 2nd or higher) or Show (come 3rd or higher). It will also show you the return per ticket for betting on that hound. If the race has already ended, it will tell you the final placings.

The 'points' column is a tally of points from that racer or handler's past victories.

Only usable if the racers are racing, this will display the current positions of each pet in the race.

An overview of your current bets for this race.

Adds one of your named minipets to the racetrack roster. Two per player, and they will not immediately join the race, they must wait their turn.
NOTE: Unlike a promotional racetrack, this will move your minipet to a holding area for future races. You must remove the pet before it can be summoned or do other things.

Remove your minipet from the racetrack. They cannot be scheduled to run, and if they are, you must wait for that run to complete. A member of the Ministry of Culture can remove other players' pets.

Get data on a racer in the current lineup. Make an educated bet from this information!

Basic info about the condition of the track, its type, etc.

Place a bet on a racer to win, place or show.

Winning means that the racer will come in exactly first place.
Placing means that the racer will come in second place, or better.
Showing means that the racer will come in third place, or better.

The RACETRACK LIST command will show the odds each racer has of winning, placing or showing, as well as the return per bet for betting on that hound.

Culture commands:

Take gold from the Racetrack's pool into your inventory.

Take gold from your inventory into the track's pool.

Move money from the Ministry's coffers to the racetrack you are beside.

Toggle the racetrack open or closed. 

This is the amount that the 1st place pet's owner will receive (deposited in the local bank for them) from the pool of bets, expressed as a percentage. For example, if 100 gold were bet on various pets, the 1st place pet would receive x% of that 100 gold BEFORE calculation of prizes. 
NOTE: If this is set higher than 90% you would be paying out more to the winner than you took in from the bets.

If your racetrack is capable of hosting a Derby, this would populate it with the 8 best (as determined by wins/races ratio) pets and start up a race! The winner will receive prizes better detailed in HELP DERBY.

For specific info on the Promotional Racetrack, see HELP PROMORACETRACK.