Auction House

The Aetolian Auction house can be found within the city of Esterport (room 16229), as well as any city or building that has purchased the upgrade for it.

All auction houses are linked, so no matter where you're doing your auctioning, 
it'll be the same auctions at all auction houses.

The Auction/Bid system
It is important to note that Aetolia's auction house uses a 'second price' or 
'Vickrey auction' system. As such you can 'secretly' bid the highest you are 
willing to pay for an item, but you will only spend what the second highest                                                                                         bidder maxed their bid at.

Refer to HELP AUCTIONS for full information on this.

Note: The Auction House purchases must be made with UNBOUND credits. 

Interacting with the auction house
 - This will list all auctions currently running.

  - This will place your item up for sale in the auction house.
  - You can auction up to six items at once.
  - Auction length must be between 10 and 300 Aetolian days (hours).
  - Buyout is optional, and allows a bidder to instantly buy the item at the
    supplied price.
  - ex1: AUCTION SELL boots12345 FOR 300 DAYS STARTING 10000 GOLD
  - ex2: AUCTION SELL rapier9999 FOR 300 DAYS STARTING 5000 GOLD BUYOUT 40000

  - This will place your item up for sale in the auction house.
  - You can auction up to six items at once.
  - People cannot bid on this type of auction, only buy it out.
  - Auction lasts until bought, or you revoke it.

  - Pulls your item from the auction and returns it to you.
  - Returns any bids to bidders.

AUCTION INFO <auction#>
  - View detailed information on an auction.

AUCTION PROBE <auction#>
  - Probe an auction item as if it was in your inventory.

  - View the bidding history for an auction.

BID ON AUCTION <auction#> FOR <amount>
  - Places a bid on the auction for the specified amount.
  - You must have the required amount on hand - it will be taken from you for the duration of the auction, or until you get outbid.

  - If the auction has a buyout price, you can purchase the item instantly.

  - View the status of auctions you are running.

  - View the status of any auctions you have the top bid in.

  - View the items currently being auctioned.

Global/Artifact auctions
Sometimes Aetolia will run special auctions where you can purchase artifacts and other such special goodies. In the case that an auction is being sold for iron coins or credits, you do not need to have the required amount for the bid on your person, nor will the value be taken from you when you place the bid. By placing a bid on an auction for credits or iron coins, you are essentially promising that you will have the required amount on you when the auction ends, or be able to obtain it within a suitable timeframe thereafter. Failure to do so will result in your character(s) being suspended until full amount is paid.