19 Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information - Table of Contents

   19.1  Admins               Administrative characters there to help you.
      19.1.1 WhichContact     Which contact method should I use?
   19.2  Bugs, Ideas, Typos   How to report bugs, ideas, or typos.
   19.3  Changelog            Review the latest changed in Aetolia.
   19.4  Clients              About clients and why you need a good one.
      19.4.1  Nexus              Aetolia's Nexus client.
      19.4.2  GMCP               General MUD Telnet Protocol (GMCP).
   19.5  FAQ                  Frequently Asked Questions.
   19.6  Failed Login         What to do if you have a failed login.
   19.7  GMT                  Time standard Aetolia uses.
   19.8  Issues               When 'in game' resolution fails
   19.9  Lag                  Nobody's friend.
   19.10 Password             Your password, losing it, protecting it.
   19.11 Player Builders   Building for Aetolia.
      19.11.1  Style Guide    Guidelines for writing excellent descriptions.
   19.12 Referrals            Refer new players to Aetolia!
      19.12.1  Banners           Display basic character information on the web.
   19.13 System               The hardware and software that Aetolia uses.
   19.14 Test Server          For those rare times we use one.
   19.15 Timeout              So that you do not stay online by accident.
   19.16 Voting               Voting for Aetolia on TopMudSites.
   19.17 Website              About Aetolia's website.
      19.17.1  Fansites          Web sites run by players.
      19.17.2  Forums            Aetolian Forums.
      19.17.3  Wiki              Aetolian Wiki.
      19.17.4  Discord           Official Aetolian Discord.
   19.18 Player Accounts
      19.18.1  Deletion          Information about character deletion.
      19.18.2  Retirement        Permanently retire a character.