Team Free for Alls

A Team Free-For-All is similar to a regular FFA except that each
combatant is a member of a team. The winner of a Team FFA is the TEAM
that manages to kill all other teams' members. In other words, the
last team standing wins. The number of teams is preset by the Team FFA
initiator. Once you are in the arena you can see which team you and
others are on by typing ES (arena name). The teams are differentiated
by color.

To talk to your team members, use the TEAM channel. Simply enter TEAM

Teams are denoted by colors. The following are the colors which go with each

Team:     Color:
1       Bright Cyan
2       Bright Red
3       Bright Green
4       Bright Yellow
5       Bright Blue
6          Cyan
7          Red
8          Green
9          Yellow
10         Blue

Read HELP ARENA for more information on the arena and related commands. See
HELP CULTURE for details for arena managers.