10.6 City Customization

For the loyal citizen who finds himself unhappy with his current boring silver-and-wooden weapons, the forgers within each city have the capability and willingness to customize armor and weapons to their city's flavor - for a cost. Note that these smith's loyal forging are just that, and they will only forge for a fellow citizen. 

Each one has a scroll or sign noting their fees and what items they are capable of reforging to a more patriotic appearance. To preview an item before you purchase it, simply ASK <forger> WHAT DOES <item> LOOK LIKE.

To purchase, have gold and armament in hand and give both to the forger.

|City        | Forger                      | Location                        |
|Bloodloch   | a brawny Nazetu smith       | Dilweg's shack                  |
|Duiran      | Cwincan, Knight of the Bear | A forge within gnarled branches |
|Enorian     | an armoured valkyrie forger | The Barracks of Enorian         |
|Spinesreach | Aife, the blacksmith        | Above the Coals                 |