16 Mythos

Mythos - Table of Contents

A compiled index of the various mythologies and legends in Aetolia. True to their nature, not all of these may be factually accurate, or even real. 

   16.1  Introduction         Mythology of Aetolia.

   16.2  First Immortal       First Immortal Epoch.
      16.2.1 Creation of the Gods  Creation of the Immortals

   16.3  Second Immortal      Second Immortal Epoch.
      16.3.1 Atavian Origin      Origin of the Atavians.
      16.3.2 Xoran Origin        Origin of the Xorani.
      16.3.3 Grook Origin        Origin of the Grooks.
      16.3.4 Horkval Origin      Origin of the Horkval.
      16.3.5 Dwarf Origin        Origin of the Dwarves.
      16.3.6 Human Origin        Origin of the Humans.
      16.3.7 Mhun Origin         Origin of the Mhun.
      16.3.8 Rajamala Origin     Origin of the Rajamala.
      16.3.9 Grecht Origin       Origin of the Grecht.

   16.4  Third Immortal       Third Immortal Epoch.

   16.5  First Mortal         First Mortal Epoch.
      16.5.1 Building Contest    Building of the cities.
      16.5.2 Troll Origin        Becoming of the Trolls.
      16.5.3 Imp Origin          Origin of the Imps and Pixies.
      16.5.4 Kelki Origin        Origin of the Kelki.
      16.5.5 Tsol'aa Origin      Origin of the Tsol'aa.

   16.6  Second Mortal        Second Mortal Epoch.
      16.6.1  Ankyrean           Ankyrean Order.
      16.6.2  Second War         Second Ankyrean War.
      16.6.3  Grand Artifice     Grand Artifice.
      16.6.4  Illuminai Past     Illuminai Past.

   16.7  Third Mortal         Midnight Age.
      16.7.1  Firstgmasters      First guildmasters of Aetolia.
      16.7.2  Kerrithrim         Great Beast.
      16.7.3  The Invasion       Invasion of the Dreikathi.
      16.7.4  Delve              Discovery of Delve.
      16.7.5  War of Night       War of Night.
      16.7.6  Atabahi Rout       Atabahi Rout.
      16.7.7  Bahkatu Sleuth     Bahkatu Sleuth.