9 Skills of Aetolia

Skills of Aetolia - Table of Contents

-  General Information Regarding Skills

   9.1  Skills                Skills Introduction.
      9.1.1  Learning Skills     Learning your skills.
   9.2  Skill System        An explanation of Aetolia's skill system.
      9.2.1  Forget Skills       Forget a skillset you have learned.
      9.2.2  Skill Ranks         A list of all the skill ranks.
   9.3  Lessons               How to gain more lessons to learn with.

-  Skills - because of the large number of skills available in Aetolia, not all are listed here. For general skills and guild skills HELP <skill> will work, as well as AB <skill> for a list of the abilities within a skill.

   9.4  General Skills        Index of General Skills
   9.5  Guild Skills          Skills specific to each class.
      9.5.1  Spirit Skills       Skills tethered to Spirit.
      9.5.2  Shadow Skills       Skills tethered to Shadow.
      9.5.3  Untethered Skills   Skills available to all.
   9.6  Trade Skills          For those who wish to take up a trade.
           Brewing               Why buy tequila? Make it yourself!
           Cooking               Candy, cookies, casseroles! Yum!
           Furniture             Chairs, tables, beds, and more.
              Interaction           Using your furnishings.
           Jewelcraft            Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, oh my!
           Tailoring             Let out your inner fashion diva!
           Woodcraft             Carve out a multitude of things.
   9.7  Mini Skills           Smaller, less specific skills.
   9.8  Talents               Specialised trade skills.
           Barding               Craftsmanship for horses.
           Bombcrafting          It's what you imagine. Sort of!
           Fletching             Bows and arrows - wow!
           Floristry             Flowers! Make things with them!
           Fumology              Smokes!
           Linguistics           Language studies.
           Luthier               Stringed instruments.
           Papercrafting         Paper things - yay!
           Perfumery             Aromatics!
           Pyrotechnics          Fireworks that go boom.
           Tambourier            Drums and such.
           Taxidermy             Hunting trophies.
           Ventier               Wind instruments.
   9.9  Mercantile            Choose a unique mercantile skill.
           Apothecary            Creation of elixirs and poultices.
           Enchantment           Create or enhance items with magical powers.
           Forging               Make and customize smithed goods.
           Herbalism             The process of edible medicine.
              Harvesting            Necessary Commands
              Plants                Yes, they are everywhere!
           Toxicology            The ability to create and sell venoms.
   9.10 Misc Skills           Noteworthy skills of curious means.
   9.11 Practical Skills
           Fishing             Wrangle aquatic creatures!
           Provisioning        Sell trade goods.
   9.12 Hobbies
           Gaming              Skills for gamblin' and ramblin'
   9.13  Restricted Skills        Sometimes less is more.