9.11.2 Provisioning

Provisioning is a Practical Skill

You will find markets in every village or city, but the truest market is that of Esterport. Visiting the market in Esterport (v66458) gives access to the skill of Provisioning, which is gained with 100cr and the command REQUEST PROVISIONING LICENSE while there.

Provisioning expands on the smaller system of MARKETORDERS, allowing for a larger variation in goods and sizes. It includes all skills related to management of packaged goods delivery and sale, enabling you to make more gold and experience from your efforts. Highly skilled Provisioners will find their caravans harder to steal from, their reputation enough to bypass escrow, and their goods being more valuable than others. Some Master Provisioners will even find that there are those in the world who will trade rare and unique goods for their orders, instead of gold!

This skill is not learned with lessons like others, and instead requires you to learn by doing. Once purchased, every market order filled, general or personal, will increase your education in Provisioning. The more gold made, the faster the learning!

Provisioning is currently only linked to Farming, and capped at just below Skilled. Updates with other Agricultural skills will increase its scope and unlock further levels of its learning. Other tradeskills may become involved as well!

Accept a market order for your personal filling. This will require an escrow of half the value of the order, unless you have some skill lowering the cost.